Implementation of slides

There is not a single modern or modernised bath that is lack of the minor enjoyment of bathing, which is the latest “craze” on earth. The AMNON Polska Sp. z.o.o. will take care of the problem of bath owners of having a slide.

If there is an idea of a slide you can ask for our help with ease. We will provide numerous varieties in agreement with your ideas, within your budget frame and we can offer professional consultancy as well. We are there from the idea until the realisation.


We carry out pre-designing after the first investment demand survey and the result of it is the scene-plan. – We provide a proposal based on the scene-plan considering the main characteristics of the slide.


Plan Documentation and permission

If the proposal is accepted the technical planning can be started after singing the contract. The first thing to do is to prepare the documentation of the permission for construction in case of not having a “general” permission for the whole investment including the construction of the slide. The implementing plan, which is designed after the permission plans have been estimated and accepted, includes the following:

  • Construction plan of the slide consisting
    of plastic elements
  • The production and instalment plan of
    the fixing steel construction,
    the starter platform and steps
  • Basement plans and static calculations
  • The necessary certifications

The company provides professional water-mechanical design of the pump that makes the slide wet if it is part of the contract. The appliance will use the water of the recipient pool and it is completely adjusted to the technology of the pool. We can provide the construction plan of the recipient pool with the relevant professional plans (such as water-mechanical, electricity resources, public utilities) on request.


Implementation and practice

The next level is to install the slides. We install the slides that are implemented according to our plans and we carry out the negotiations with the professional authorities in order to obtain the necessary permissions for usage. We obtain the “show” permission, which proves the suitability of the slide, and the professional judgement.
As part of the delivery process we teach the owner as well as its crew how to use the slide in a professional way, the rules and regulations that are necessary in case of preventing an accident. We dispose signs that show the appropriate usage of the slides. We can show the owners what to do when winter comes and the maintenance activities, however, we can take on these duties on request so that he can relax and be pleased with his new attraction that will be a great success among the guests.